Iceland is a country located in Atlantic Sea with 320.000 people was a model to follow in recent years.A per capita income of US 51.000,no regular army,no delincuence,a growing economy.But 14 October all changes,a 77% falling in shares must be asumed.The country request aid from EEU,Rusia and FMI.This are the facts of only one country.Some reflections very subjetive and personal about the no economics consecuences of the world financial crisis.
People in all world is concerned about Wall Street financial crisis most see only a economical temporary bad cycle bus the hidden real issue is this one is the end of a era of a vision of world concerned only about money but not over the peoples.The end also about a lack of democratic practices over a market free of ethics frames ruled by a tiny group of bankers,politicians and money owner,worst no money people who speculates with money of other people.Human life has not be a paradise but when mankind take the decision of life in society the first rule was be respect the rigth of the others to share the fruits of growth in equalitarian terms.This is not the real state of things.Many poor people must wait for a long time after this crisis to a better life conditions,the one day dollar economies must be a half dollar or no dollar for many years.Is certain a uthopia live in paradise without hard work,but a speculative economy is a devil one.Now all people in the world realizes that must loose money in this round,but is other hidden and unspoken side of the crisis the psicological looses.Many human proyects postponed or never complished.Human life is a no infinit resource and you can dont say people wait for 5 or 6 years all your lifes could improves.Many people is in the bad called “golden years” and whan thing eventually go better perhaps be to late.Paradises only exist in human dreams or uthopia,but a decent economical policies could build a tiny oasis in the actual desert after the Wall Street drama who has extended to all planet


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