The information came last week about oil founded in huge reserves in north of Cuba Island in Caribe Sea.The amunt  only 20 millions of barrels.USA reserves are 29 millions.So the fact if is  confirmated in not a no importance issue.Many people has never understand the american embargo to cuban regime.Is a anacronism in XXI century.Besides comunism if was the reason is no longer a  military menace.Less cuban weapons and an tiny country with less population of one state of USA.Or the hidden reason is that Cuba in fact was part or “influence area” of America.Is a more eufemistic  way of dont say the back yard.Certainly many people back  a hard approach to mantain the embargo.Is a paradox that a very pragmatic political establishment has no a good answer   to the question of if  is coherent  the rule of a lak of liberties in Cuba is the  important reason.But this works for all  political sides.In the past at less in Latin America USA has backed wright wing totalitarian  governments bus was not a embargo as the kind of Cuba.And if the situation evolves to free elections anf  a left wing coalition  is elected?.Bolivia,Equator has left wing  elected governments with no embargo.A rational approach must be the task for a new american administration.Oil is a scarce resource, and is near USA both countries needed each other.I dont know  the  Obama  ideas about cuban embargo but I guess is more flexible in consideration of the economy heritage.Could be more   pragmatic and balance  a oil  policies very erratic who has  in Irak the consecuences of a bad taken decition.



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