I have a doubt and a hope if the american election if Obama is elected changes the way of economy.A Mc Cain election no change nothing an even worst the crisis deepening and make more slow the recovery.I read today that ultra conservantism has a new strategy to face a eventual Mc Cain lost in 8 days more.Instead of a change to progresism they say that is only a personal triumph of Obama and no a fail of the economical model heritage from Reagan times.
Y have reading about history of years 30 depresion.More and more with the diferences of times seems me very similar in his development and uncertain end.Is like a war when begins all people is worried about how many death happens each day,but when this worsen public opinion experimented a fatalism
bias to face wars facts.Is like a terminal disease when with time goes a little relief in pain and pronostic is welcomed inside a bad diagnosis.May be a nature defense preparing our bodies and minds to a unvoidable end.Today the in Asia and Europe again the numbers are red,but is not susprise and no news .People must continues his lifes.I think that the worst en politics ans economy is a credibility lost in economics actors.
A scientific magazine explain the economic fear by short circuit in human brain located in amygdala on rear brain.Said that brain works well when predictable electrical waves are sending to this place where is the fear and pleasure reward as emotions.Also that feeling are part of economical choices.Many choices to economists are irrational one.The problem says that when many umpredictable events arrives to brain this one begin to make errors.And people must in a unconcient mode impulse to take a action, of any kind without references if worsen the economic personal situation. And run following the mayority like is a stadium stammpide
Is like the people in a earth movement run away of homes to street that is in some ocasion a most dangerous place.Sell shares because all people make the same.Also say that put out of bak the money and deposit at sleeping place could be a worst election.But we are humans an nobody accept
unfair practices as loose money besides without rational explanation.
Obama is not God ,only God can make in religous simbolism the creation in 7 days.Recover american and world economy has no magic recipes but a less ideologized administration geared by Obama may be a better option than ultra conservantism to a earthquake economy and a frighten people.


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