Next month  November is the 94 aniversary of the navy battle of Coronel  with  2 british warships sunken and 1.654 mariner all british dead by german forces.Graf   Spee was the chief of german  fleet  and Admiral C.Cradock the british comander.After a month of this Graf Spee fleet was destruied en falkand island confrontation .It was the first time  after 1812 a lost sea battle  for England Royal Navy.I read a little about the facts in a time when  ships has a very bad comunication sistem,must only remember Titanic tragedy , with no proportions about the modernity  and capacity of a huge  steam ship and the scarce of a comunication reduced to telegrahic Morse sistem who induced a error by bad intepretation of signals.Here happens the  same,imagine 2  fleet in the very corner of the world 2 admirals and about 4.000 mens receiving instrutions.Added a stormy sea by nature the Pacific ocean.Both navies has aditional task forces en other places and both knew that were the end results of a first confrontation be a pirrical  victory because the retalation came as in the history happens.South american coast has been a election place in I and II world of refugee place to germans  ships as happens after in Rio de la Plata,before was the chilean  south coast.After the battle never happens other navy incident at Coronel bay near Concepcion and many people ignore that in this place happened one of the greatest sea battle of all world.Only a simple reminder in stone in the local cementery reminds the facts and now is a quiet fishing port over a  natural burial and trh iron remainders if some one  stay there of  two the most greatest  war ships of  the Royal Navy when XX began.


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