The Economist are a interesting article about a survey made over a 168 universe of countries over the democracy condition in 2008.A score was made in 5 factor basis;cultural political,free liberties practices,organization of the country,level of political participation and pluralism level.
Some facts the highest democracies are nordic countries,Sweden(1),Norway(2),Iceland(3),Netherland(4),(4)Denmark(5),Finland(6).This are called in the survey,Strong democracies are 30 countries and USA is in 18 ranking and UK 21 place.The other countries of this highest level are european or asian industrialized countries.
A second level are least consolidated democracies formed by 51 countries most form East Europa ex URRS an latinoamerican countries.Chile is ranked 32.In this group the least developped factor in democracies participation level an cultural politics.In fact is 50% or a half of the factor for the first group of countries.Besides in you compare this levels with the achievements in economics,youcan say that this one are highest.I say the weackness of emergent economies of free status as India,Mexico or Brazil is radicated in the lowest participation level and the low degree of cultural politic. The neck of the bottle development of democracy is rather a political issue than a economic one.YOu can argue as a Devil lawyer why some countries located in the worst level in the ranking and with dictatorial regimes shows a relative high level of economic development as Chine or Rusia.Certain but also in the past many strong men regime in the latinoamerican countries showed high PIB increases in the past as Brazil or Chile.But this deveppment was nos sustanaible en the long time and more important has a high level in inequity.Today with the complexities of societies and economies it was more dificult to achieve the same results with imposed economic politics.
The problem is that if people dont show interest in politics when things go down en economy a easy temptation is populism,but for this you need money as some oil countries,but when the pocket is empty the only alternative is a rising hard regime as some of African countries.When is joined a lack in interest on politics and social institutions no have access to participation caudillism appears.Is not necesary be a left wing land lord of the war when populations need food an water.This is one of the
weakness of a free democracy model that only see the market achievments as indicators of freedom.Freedom has no sense for a empty stomach.


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