In New York Times a article over the deflation danger as a consecuence of the last events of financial crisis.Nobody imagine  a few month ago the sharp fall in prices of oil,copper even in foods and all remind the Japan crisis in 1980 when consume felt over  a decade when  deflation was instaled.Even if China the insaciable dragon has ralentized the hunger for goods after all the traditional market of their products are in troubles.Not only USA also all the economies even the no indusrialized buying China made products.Before was a deflation  in 1980 in Japan who last a decade but was as all the  before crisis  circunscribed to a economy as Mexico,the oil crisis in a group of countries .Now the crisis is a world one.Never before the economist hace so many questions unsolved and so many  no satifactory answers.Even  economy gurus are perplex about who economy fact evolved day to day.A only monetary concern has showed is not enough to solve the situation.Now with the nightmare of deflation the unemployement concern is on surface.The facts are similar in certain way to economies of post II war,a new post war economy es necesary?.After all the consecuences in a few years of the dangerous combination os money market default,fall in  foodstuffs,and unemployement never before could be came int he same time.But is a oportunity to agree a new international new deal with more healthy foundations.A environment concern,a new institutionality who avoid speculation an a libertinaje of economics actors.A desicentivation of a luxus economy for a few segment of population,The one third poor segment of world people as tarjet of  wold economical  efforts could be a ethic response to a crisis who  was made by forget of  a comon sense  social behaviour based in a selfish concept of humanity.



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