In this time over 27 millions of american people has voted for president.Long files of voter are been till 9 hours in lines.Analyst says tha could be the most voted election of the last 100 years in America.The weather forecast are good for tomorrow.Poll indicates tan Obama imposes over Mc Cain even in traditional republicans states.About 130 million peoples is the voter universe expected.In Florida about 3.6 millions has voted and 3,1 in Texas and over 2 million in North Carolina.
This one is not a ordinary election,is The Election.Never before USA has faced a election with so many problems in domestic affairs the Wall Street crisis extended to other branches of economy and even to the rest of the world is the great after 1930 depresion.But never before many people has much hopes in a man,Obama is a simbol of a new and fresh social face after a caotics events that began with american errors in international politics and most errors in economical evaluation.
November the 5 could be the burial of many obsolet political and economical practices in USA and perhaps in many areas of the world.Could be the decline of power of money barons even in other countries and a surge of a new kind of power based in real needs of people.A more respecfull approach to environment respect,the decline as a blind market as rector of economies,a more democratic control over the social and economics resolutions over job,education,shelter and health politics.A return of american soldiers to his country no only from Irak also from Europa besides form many places without international mandats.Is posible that the economical unrest continues by a while but the world must be very different after the 4 November election.A historical dayt is one that the events determine his denomination.Nobody can establish by decret when a kind of event must be reach the degree.But certain all say that Obama election must be a historical fact.Is not only the man,is what the man represent.Is the result of the best of american political tradition.Is the result of the oldest foundation of american freedom and dreams.Never before a man unknown to the rest of people in all world represented so many hopes of a best and more decent way of life in a uncertain moment.Condition of life is the risk and USA must elected a life option,because the other is past and this past has many reminds of many people who in a silent way has stoic faced a cruel social order in name if a cartoon democracy whose fruits are famine,diseases,and ignorance.The other fruit has vanished an are only no values papers is stock markets and only a number in computers of institution in practical bankurapcy.
More Information over the last events:


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